1 second every day recovering from a lung transplant

Earlier in 2017 I was introduced to an app called “1 second every day”.  The idea is you take a short video or picture each day showing just 1 second of your day.  Over time you can build up a montage of parts of your life because the app merges the videos into one continuous video.  When AJ had the lung transplant back in April 2017 I had been using the app and we recorded some stuff from before the transplant and through the recovery process covering around a month.  It is the most amazing video and is a priceless memory which shows the pain and challenge before and during the transplant but also the hard work, courage, perseverance and joy that can come out of the other side.  My favourite bit is how the video starts with AJ needing to use a stair lift to go up the stairs which is so wrong for an 11 year old, but by the end he is playing football and running up the stairs on his own.  Ive uploaded the video onto youtube to share below.